Headis Founder René Wegner (left) aka Headi Potter at the Headis World Championship in Kaiserslautern

Headis is a new high intensity sport combining the skills of Football and Table Tennis.

Headis is a mix of table tennis and heading the ball soccer-style. The rules are similar to table tennis except that players ‘head’ the ball rather than use a bat.  It is played on a solid table tennis table with a stable metal net and a special 50 cm round soft rubber ball weighing no more than 100 grams.

Headis was invented by René Wegner a sports graduate from Germany.  He developed the concept to which we see it today and in conjunction with a well thought out business and marketing plan the sport of ‘Headis’ is now one of the fastest growing introductory sports on earth.

It is a sport that has rapidly become popular in Europe and in Asia and continues to grow. It has now launched in Australia with training and tournaments planned nationally.  Headis Australia also has the distribution rights for the growth of Headis in New Zealand with expected Training Facilities and Tournaments to be conducted there also.  Once the sport has become established across both countries an International Tournament between Australia and New Zealand will take place.

Headis Australia is also in talks with Franchisees in Asia with a potential Tri Series to take place between Australia, New Zealand and Japan.  The top ranked male and female players in Australia and New Zealand will also have the opportunity to play for the right to travel to Europe and represent their countries in the World Championships for a chance to be crowned the world’s best player.

The rapid growth of Headis has resulted in the Sport receiving an ISPO new sport brand Award which was followed by extensive TV coverage and invitations to visit the USA and China to demonstrate the sport of Headis.  Major Sporting media outlets such as ESPN, Fox sports, Sports Illustrated and Wide World of Sports to name a few have all done positive and encouraging articles on the sport of Headis.

During the recent launch in Sydney, Headis Australia enjoyed great media coverage including Channel 7’s The Morning Show and Channel 10’s The Project as well as online, print and radio coverage.

Headis is a sport that promotes fair play and a key element of the success of Headis is the fun atmosphere and camaraderie that is built amongst players.  It is now estimated there are more than 100,000 Headis players worldwide and with the recent introduction of Headis into Australia and New Zealand that number will significantly grow.

One of Headis Australia’s key objectives is to promote and develop the sport of Headis in Australia and New Zealand making it a sport of choice for male and female players of all ages.  Headis globally is expected to reach a level of participation that will see it considered as an Olympic sport and Headis Australia aims to work with all Headis franchises and stake holders to achieve that goal.