Every Monday night 7pm – 9pm (Hall 3 – Upstairs)

531 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

(02) 9559 7722


Headis Affiliation Packages Now Available!

We aim to have multiple venues across NSW and Australia enjoying the sport of Headis by 2019 and beyond.

Our new Affiliation Packages will allow Businesses or Individuals to run their own Headis Tournaments, Competitions or Social Play and benefit from the amazing success Headis has experienced in Australia and overeseas.

Also, visit our website and social media pages for updates on tournaments, pop ups or exhibitions we have through out the year.

Contact us now for information on anything Headis!


Headis Australia is dedicated to providing the game of Headis to all Australians.

We are currently in the process of approaching appropriate venues to discuss playing Headis.

We will update this page with each venue location as we go.

Please keep a look out for Headis at a venue near you.

We do hold regular One Day Tournaments and Social Catch Ups, so in the mean time keep visiting our Web and Facebook Page Headis Australia to keep up to date on our latest events.